Deveryware has built a powerful, extendable-capacity real-time geolocation system, all the infrastructure of which is controlled in private cloud mode: the Geohub

It hosts all the necessary servers, databases and communication network interfaces on French soil. Data is collected, stored (if required), processed and disseminated under the total control of Deveryware in full compliance with the laws and regulations on protection of personal data, and can be audited at any time by the relevant authorities. Quality of service and business continuity are guaranteed through two separate and synchronised secure and fully redundant hosting centres.

Varied features…

Locate any kind of device carried by people or fitted to vehicles, equipment and goods

Control multiple location technologies (GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, etc.)

Collect and transmit data through a wide variety of communication networks

Deal with multiple types of contextual content

Track large numbers of alerts on specified events

Make data and processing results accessible to authorised users in secure mode, through fixed terminals, smartphones, tablets, telephones, etc.

…and open thanks to an API

All of these functions can also be accessed through an application program interface (API) and can then be integrated into third-party applications or other information systems. Installation of Geohub platforms on other sites is also a possibility.

Secure, high-availability infrastructure

The Geohub is based on a high-availability secure infrastructure connected to the main operators, ISPs and national and international content distribution networks and guarantees availability of more than 99.95%. It comprises proven Open Source components and can be accessed as a secure web service. Deveryware can therefore offer standardised management of disparate multi-technology, multi-constructor and multi-operator sets of equipment, while guaranteeing a quality of service to meet the most demanding requirements.