A security issue…  

Today security is central to all concerns. Security needs have evolved considerably and appropriate solutions need to be developed.

Given this situation, Deveryware has been working for several years to make its expertise and geolocation tools available to police and security forces, essential for them to successfully fulfil their missions. Beyond making these solutions a permanent feature of the landscape and in order to deal with the multifaceted threats that are evolving all the time, Deveryware is continuing its efforts to provide effective responses that it can contribute to national security through a range of sources (telecom operators, beacons, IoT) and processing (geoprofiling, highlighting collusion, advanced algorithms, search and cross-referencing of data, etc.) that is increasingly sophisticated.

An investigation accelerator and trusted partner of police and security forces since it was founded, Deveryware assists investigators in detecting and preventing threats and in arresting their perpetrators, thanks to its range of innovative solutions.

The Deveryware product range

Deveryloc, security in 3 points: investigate, elucidate, intervene

Deveryloc is an automated system for processing geolocalised information which reduces the workload of investigators and helps make their missions a success.

Thanks to Deveryloc, users can, for example:

Pinpoint the location of beacons and mobile phones (in cooperation with telecom operators),

Set alerts to be informed of relevant events,

Analyse position histories, etc.

To complement this solution, two apps are made available to Deveryloc users :

Deverylight allows mobile teams on the ground to monitor targets and events directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Deveryview can be used to coordinate intervention systems remotely thanks to the visualisation in real time and simultaneously on the same screen, of the location of a person, of a good or a vehicle.

To provide a turnkey solution for its users, Deveryware also offers a complete range of beacons, of all brands, that are compatible and suited to all types of missions. The company thus offers its customers total independence in relation to suppliers and the ability for integration into their existing systems.

Discover all the associated services offered by Deveryware:

  • first level maintenance available 24 hours a day
  • delivery and training in using DeveryLoc, Deverylight and DeveryView devices and software
  • availability of service of over 99.9%